Cobrar ou não cobrar, eis a questão

Um conjunto de textos que reflectem sobre as possibilidades de modelos de negócio para as publicações online, nomeadamente a cobrança pelo acesso aos conteúdos. São textos de carácter geral, mas que, em algumas alturas, se referem ao jornalismo de proximidade.

5 Ways to Monetize the Future of News Media

“Recently, I spoke with Chadi Irani, the online manager of The Palm Beach Post. Like many other traditional news organizations, The Palm Beach Post has suffered from declining print circulation and advertising revenue. Local advertisers are no longer interested in what Irani describes as “the old-fashioned, standard [ad] packages we used to throw out.”

What local businesses need, Irani has discovered, are not advertising solutions in the form of display advertising packages, but advertising partners. These businesses don’t understand how to advertise online and they want advice.

(…) Irani acknowledged that this model would not scale to large, national or multi-national news organizations. “This is more of a local approach. Most newspapers thrive on their local business, their local partners. Most of the national papers deal with large brands that have agencies dedicated to them. Local companies don’t have ad agencies, so we need to provide those services for them.”

Newspapers experiment with charging for premium content

“«If I’m a local newspaper, maybe I can’t get you to pay for the content, but I could create a real estate service that says you’re going to be one of 25 people who receive the first alert that a new home is available,» she said.

The real question, of course, is what kind of content the reader will be willing to pay for.”

Lessons to learn from successful online journalism businesses

  1. Have a niche
  2. Start small, stay small
  3. Have multiple revenue streams
  4. Be passionate
  5. Be innovative
  6. Experiment

On Newspapers and Paywalls

“But the truth is that newspaper journalism has a relatively low market value and its social relevance is in decline. It’s still important – we need eyes on government at all levels, investigations, a space for local and national community discussions to play out. (And yes, the HuffPost certainly needs it.) But the form of the newspaper story is stale, and the package it comes in – the selection of the day’s news, calendar, arts, classifieds, etc. – is something many people no longer really need because they can get most of it elsewhere. Meanwhile the relative social importance of newspaper stories – as a forum for political debates, say – has also declined due to ever-fragmenting attention, competition, and a loss of credibility that’s partly self-inflicted.”

E no seu site, que modelos estão a adoptar? Pensam em cobrar por conteúdos? Deixe os seus testemunhos e opiniões na caixa de comentários.


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