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“It’s time for newspapers to make lemonade out of this seeming lemon”

Um artigo bastante interessante de Alan Mutter. Defende que os jornais devem combater a crise focando-se no local, criando conteúdo único e relevante para as suas comunidades. Aqui fica um excerto:

“Since there is no apparent way around the economic imperatives forcing early closes, it’s time for newspapers to make lemonade out of this seeming lemon. Far from being a bad thing, this is an opportunity for the industry to take some long-overdue steps to improve its competitive position. (…)

editors can escape the unavoidable latency of print by publishing unique, local stories that distinguish their products from all other competitors.

Instead of feebly trying to put a fresh gloss on yesterday’s news (…) editors producing unique local coverage can make TV, radio and the web chase them. (…)

By marketing themselves as the leading local news source in their communities, newspapers can reassert their value to readers and advertisers (…)

The process of capturing the local news agenda is simple: Pick stories of sweeping significance to your community, report them completely, tell them compellingly, pursue them relentlessly and play them effectively. Repeat as necessary. (…)

Rather than trying to conquer with quantity, newspapers should use their scarce resources to cover carefully selected matters that, well, matter.”

Veja algumas das propostas do autor no artigo completo. [Dica de Paulo Querido, no Certamente!]